Boat Motor Diagnostics

Professional Marine Mechanic Motor Diagnosis includes up to 1 hour of troubleshooting your boat’s mechanical issues including common boat engine repairs: Overheating, Stalling, Rough Idle, and more

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Boat Electrical Diagnostics

Professional Marine Electrical Diagnostics includes up to 60 minutes of tracing and troubleshooting your boat’s electrical issues

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Full Boat Inspection

Professional Marine Surveyor will inspect your boat for up to 60 minutes, the inspection includes a comparative market analysis, and report on the hull and structure condition

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Parts Replacement and Installations

Professional Marine Mechanic for Engine Installations, Parts Replacement, and more, starting at only $149

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Air conditioning and Plumbing Repair

Professional Marine HVAC services starting at only $149 for up to 60 minutes for AC diagnostics, leak tracing, and more

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Boat Hull and Upholstery and Canvas Repair

Professional Marine Remodeling Services including chip repair, spider crack repair, topside painting, flooring, and more starting at only $149

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Wax, Ceramic Coating, Shrink Wrapping

Professional Marine Detailing Services including compounding, waxing, ceramic coating, lettering, hull wrap and shrink wrapping services

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Winterizing, De-Winterizing, Oil Change and Tune up

Professional Marine Oil Change and Tune Up starting at $149 for up to 60 minutes

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Boat Bottom and Engine Painting

Professional marine bottom and engine painting services to protect your boat from barnacles and algae and engine rust

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Boat Transport on Land

Professional Boat Transport Service, Call 203-200-0558 for quote

Boat Tow in Ocean

Professional Boat Transport Services Sea Side Tow, Call for Quote

Boat Tow in Lake

Professional Boat Transport Services Lake Side Tow, Call for Quote